Saturday, June 11, 2011

Under the Surface is over

What an engaging event! Great turn out! Great venue! ArtMakers Noosa will be remembered in the Floating Land memories.

First weekend both kids and parents got their hands very dirty. Giving form to creatures leaving under the surface by shaping local found clay is addictive. We ended up with more than 300 small coloured slipped sculptures and ready to dry before being fired in our “cones” firing night. Why do the theme “Under the surface” prompt people to make boats? The question still puzzles us!

First few hours of community art works drying by the lake shores

Lane whispering to her kiln dog

Christene applying a final artistic touch to her coral kiln

Mid week: tough day ahead. First stack the sculptures in the cone shaped clay kilns.

Then cut the collected dead wood and circle the kilns tight. Cover the kilns with slipped newspaper sheets.

Let dry and…be ready for the show of the year!

The wood was not so dry so the team put some efforts to get them started.

Live music in a magical surroundings. The show has started.

And on with the blue flares...

Crumbling end of firings

Dancing sparkles

The week long event resulted in an amazing community art installation

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